Bay College is Your Community College. The experienced faculty, staff and administrative team at Bay College are all committed to individual success and the advancement of our served communities. Bay College is a great place to obtain an education, update your job skills and enrich your life! Bay strives to make a difference in your life; it is our greatest reward. We invite you to campus anytime to visit, explore areas of study, training, learning and enrichment opportunities. Just click, call or come in!

Bay Alumni – 12,000+ Strong.  Bay College awards degrees and certificates to nearly 500 students annually. Bay invites you to stay connected with your community college and be part of the thousands of proud and successful Bay Alumni. If you have completed 4 credits or more, you are considered a Bay College Alumni and part of the Alumni Association. Get involved!

Investing in Education. The Bay College Foundation provides opportunities for individuals, families, friends, businesses, organizations and foundations alike to help advance education and student success via private funding. Consider creating a scholarship, sponsoring an event or supporting a campaign. Gifts today and into the future open opportunities not available without your added support.

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