Traci Hallmann did not always want to be a welder. Before moving to the Upper Peninsula with her husband, she worked in plastic injection manufacturing. Once they had moved, she realized there were few job opportunities for that method of manufacturing in the area. At the time, Traci’s husband was enrolled in Bay College’s welding program. One day, she saw her husband welding out in the garage and asked him to let her try it. Her interest was immediately sparked, and she enrolled in the Bay College welding program too. The new state-of-the-art equipment, thanks to funding through the Department of Labor and the TAACCCT grant, was a huge asset in getting Traci the best education possible.


Upon completion of the welding program in December of 2014, Traci found immediate employment at Softek Car Services in Escanaba, and she could not love it more. It allows her to work close to home while giving her the job security she had always wanted. Traci knows that if she ever has to move again, there will most likely be welding job opportunity close by. Thanks to Bay, Traci got on her pathway to success…and found a job that pays!